Selling a car can be a challenging task. Apart from listing your car for sale on online platforms, there is a daunting task of receiving calls from potential buyers, negotiating price and closing the deal. Clean Cars Kenya is offering a convenient and a hassle free way of selling your car. We have Clean Cars Agents who have gone a vigorous vetting process and approved by Clean cars Kenya board to sell your car on your behalf.

The Agents have vast experience in car selling business. Our Agent will come to your preffered location take pictures of your car and initiate the entire selling process after the paying a Convenience fee of Kes. 2,000. This process is extremely safe to both buyer and seller and it eliminates fraudsters who con car buyers who buy car in the ordinary way.

Agent Request Form.

Full Name
Phone Number
Nearest City/Town
Car make
Selling price
Year of manufacture
Need cash advance ?

How You Sell Your Car With Our Agent

  1. The car seller fills Agent Request Form, submit and pay convenience fee of KES 2,000 to clean cars Kenya via M PESA Till Number 777507. ( Mpesa Account Name Carproperty Online)

  2. Car seller is connected to an approved Agent of Clean cars kenya after payment and will meet with car seller. Agent will take pictures of the car and post advert of the car on Clean Cars Kenya car website.

  3. The Agent will receive calls from potential buyers on behalf of car seller meet with them negotiate and link serious buyers with the car seller for car verification and final exchange.

  4. Buyer deposits money in Clean Cars Kenya Account and when the buyer confirms receipt of the car, Clean cars Kenya transfers money to the seller's account.

  5. Buyers are issued with Insurance Cover through Clean Cars Kenya from leading Insurance Companies. Get quotation here

Cash Advance on Car For Sale


When you are sell your car through Cleancarskenya, you are eligible for Cash Advance aganist the car on sale of up to 50% value of the car. This will help in sorting out financial emergency you may be having as we sell your car. Once we sell the car, we deduct our money, a fee of 4% of cach advance and transfer the balance to customers bank account.


  • Car must be listed on our website, either customer advertising car on sale or being sold by our agent on their behalf.
  • Original Logbook.
  • Copy of ID.

Clean Cars Kenya Advertisement Packages ( Selling Car Without Clean Cars Kenya Agent).

This is when car sellers wish to sell their car on our website for themself and handle the entire selling process without our clean cars agents. Clean Cars Kenya have a competitive packages to suit their needs. The following packages are designed to offer car sellers optimum visibility of their cars to potential buyers.

CHAP CHAP package. Kes. 4,000. This is the SUPERIOR package designed to offer car seller the BEST visibility of their car to potential buyers. The car advert in this package maintains TOP/FRONT of all list and has most views by potential buyers. This package is designed to suit CAR DEALERS and INDIVIDUALS SELLERS. The package GUARANTEES the seller a QUICK SELL of their car(s). The package has 60 DAYS validity and the advert will also feature on clean cars Kenya Facebook account.

IKO POA package, Kes. 2,000. This package allows our esteemed customers to advertise their car(s) on sale with a validity period of 30 DAYS. The car advert is boosted for 15 DAYS at the TOP/FRONT to ensure good visibility of the car on sale. That advert will also feature on our face book account.

MOTORBIKE, TUKTUK(THREE WHEELERS) & SALVAGE CARS, Kes. 1000.This package is designed at help the users to sell their Motorbikes, Tuk Tuk and Salvage cars with ease. Motorbike dealers and TukTuk dealers can reach their potential customers through this package. Users can sell their used Bikes and TukTuks here and can also shop and buy new ones in this website. Owners of Salvage cars can also post them in our website to reach garage owners or customer who repairs and restore salvage cars for sale or for personal use.

How To Avoid Being Scammed When Buying A Preowned Car.

Buying a car is an exciting and emotional experience especially when buying your first car. However, many car buyers have also fallen into traps of FRAUDSTERS who steal from unsuspecting car buyers. The problem is more widespread especially in sale of preowned cars. Car buyers are also experiencing problems with their second hand cars shortly after obtaining ownership indicating that sellers are hinding internal car defects to the buyers. Please consider the following points before paying for that preowned car.

  • Never send FUEL MONEY to the seller so that the vehicle is brought to you for verification. There is high chance that this is a scam. If your interested in that car, make arrangement of going to see the car.

  • Always meet in a PUBLIC PLACE like malls where there is security.

  • If you are happy and satisfied with the car and want to buy it, do the necessary SEARCH of the Logbook with NTSA. Make sure its not a DUPLICATE Logbook.

  • Involve your lawyer in drafting a SALE AGREEMENT. Ensure all aspect of the sale are captured including what would happen in case of fraud.

  • Check the. car with your Mechanic and VERIFY everything is working properly. The engine number and chassis number are what are on Logbook.

  • Never pay in cash. BANK TRANSFER is the most preferred mode. File the receipt as proof of payment.
  • Finally transfer car ownership to your name.